Welcome to VisionSpring’s Inclusion Learning Loop™, a member-based continuous learning solution for organizations committed to providing the support and resources needed to leverage diversity and inclusion to drive innovation and improved business outcomes.

All Inclusion Learning Loop™ members have access to the D&I solutions, collaboration tools and networking available through this online resource. With new information being posted every month, you will easily find the information needed to tackle any diversity-related challenge and set your organization up for success.

The Inclusion Learning Loop™ provides members ongoing resources and support including:

  • Customized consulting services
  • Access to rich networking and collaboration tools
  • Cross-functional learning and development for leaders inside and outside the office of diversity
  • Resources to help you maintain year-round focus and attention
  • Articles, research, tools and exercises to establish a solid D&I foundation, improve the cultural competence and inclusive leadership capability of leaders across the organization, and effectively align D&I with business outcomes

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a member please contact Erica Colonero at erica@visionspringinc.com.